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TNXBT.XYZ Takes on big ddos attack!

Yesterday I wanted to upgrade/update my servers, meaning my ip was going to change and I was setting up a new floating ip for my servers. So some skids, who I make fun of for having some fake botnets and for accidently booting self offline sometimes, try to ddos this site and well... failed.

OVH Suffers from 1Tbps DDOS

So this happened a couple of weeks ago but storys were differnt so I waited it out until the real information (proven) was out. The attack was powered by hacked CCTV cameras (130k+), heres the offical tweet. Causing OVH to go down for many hours.

What raspberry pi should I get?

If your looking to get a cheap little linux computer, a raspberry pi is your friend, looking around ò5 for the computer its self. Its a compact size, great for any use. But what one should you get? Myself I would go for the pi3, which has 4 usb ports and a much faster proccessor and a faster ethernet port.

Welcome to my site!

Welcome to my site. My name is TnxBT and I have been working in cybersecurity for two years now, I have been practicing and helping many different people around the globe in securing anything from home networks to datacenters.

Digital Ocean VPS

In my opinion, digital ocean is one of my most loved vps providers. They stick to there words and give you everything you pay for, unlike most hosts which dont give what is on the tin. After a mistake on both sides, they were very nice and have always been to me. I reccomend you purchase from digital ocean and no where else.